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PentaVox Ltd. 11 Dugonics street Budapest H-1043 Hungary
Phone: +36 30 742 3242   +36 30 819 1181

Our Services

We have an innovative, flexible and personal approach in providing IT services.
We structure and build in flexibility in our services to meet current and future needs of our clients.
We provide IT services that include IT consulting, IT outsourcing including software development and technical support.


With over 15 years on the market we worked with several companies worldwide (both in private and security sectors) in many areas such as medical equipment, control systems, image processing, mathematical algorithms, security systems, and more.
We offer various Software and Hardware solutions by focusing on delivering the best and most cost-effective results to our clients.
We have capacities to handle bigger projects and also advise and help smaller and startup companies to achieve their goals.

Our products

Our Fetaphon telemedicine system provides unique safety in case of risk pregnancy.
Besides we produce several custom-built electronic and medical device.
Devices made by us are used in several countries worldwide.
All of our devices have CE certification.


for healthy fetus

Fetaphon magzati szívhang CTG vizsgálata otthon

Our company’s development is the diagnostic medical instrument used in telemedicine which creates new possibilities in modern maternity care.

Fetaphon CTG device senses fetal heart sound by an acoustic, passive sensor.

During measurement the acoustic sensor detects the vibrations of the fetal heart, it does not emit ultrasound or any other radiation!

The device draws the registrated fetal heart rate, the uterine contractions and the fetal movements signaled by the mom with the device’s press button on a traditional CTG diagram.

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